Breaking news: Vidor mayor running for Orange County Commissioner

Vidor Mayor Robert Viator

Vidor Mayor Robert Viator has revealed he is running for Pct. 4 Commissioner in Orange County in 2018 against incumbent Jody Crump, who has already announced his candidacy. 

Viator said it is "time for change," and expressed concern that the current Commissioners Court is not accurately representing the citizens of Vidor and the surrounding area. 

In a statement to The Examiner, Viator said, "A lot of the time you hear people complain that elected officials are not listening to the will of the people on a federal or state level. It's a sad state of affairs when local officials choose only to represent special interests or a small portion of the population. It's time for a change, and it's time 'we the people' of Pct. 4 are represented - not just the special interests or select few."

Viator said when people refer to "the Vidor community," that community encompasses many more people than live within the incorporated area of Vidor. He said he often received calls from people who say they are Vidor residents but actually reside within the unincorporated area in west Orange County. 

"My biggest frustration as mayor is... when you are the mayor of Vidor, about 50 percent of your calls are from people you are not elected to represent," he explained. "I understand they are part of the Vidor community, but I don't have any legal authority to represent them. So, in trying to help them with issues they have, you're hands are tied (as mayor). That's been the biggest frustration I've had the whole time I've been mayor."

He said as a mayor who strives to help the citizenry, it is upsetting when he is unable to help. Viator said he believed he can better represent the Vidor community and all Pct. 4 residents as county commissioner. 

"I do not feel like we've been represented well," Viator expressed. "I feel like a small group of people is influencing our representatives, who are supposed to represent all of us. How can I make represent the people that I haven't been able to over the last 5 and half years or so? The only way I can do that is to move up to the next level."

Viator will face Crump for the Republican nomination in the March 2018 primaries.