Bust nets cornucopia of controlled substances

Bust nets cornucopia of controlled substances

July 25, the Jefferson County Narcotics Task Force and the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team executed a search warrant at 4010 Agnes St. in Beaumont, uncovering 10 pounds of marijuana, 21 pounds of bulk K-2 Spice (synthetic marijuana) and 500 packets of K-2 Spice ready for resale, among other controlled substances. K-2 Spice is illegal to possess and sale in the state of Texas. The raid, which took place at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, required a SWAT truck to pull burglar bars off the back door using a fire hose to gain entry to the residence.

Once inside, investigators discovered several controlled substances. In addition to K-2 Spice, authorities also found 5.5 pounds of high-grade hydroponic marijuana, much of which had already been packaged for re-sale; 770 Xanax, 55 Dilaudid and 35 Hydocodone pills. The drugs seized have a total street value of about $100,000. The residence was targeted due to citizen complaints about drug dealing and according to Deputy Chief Ron Hobbs of the Jefferson County Narcotics Division, the suspects were actively dealing drugs in the residence. “They had more traffic than the drive-thru at McDonald’s,” Hobbs said. Two black male suspects, ages 39 and 27, whose names have yet to be released, were arrested and will be charged with felony possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. They have not been arraigned nor have bonds been set. 



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