Cashing In: City employees win $1M from Texas Lottery

Lois Balka, one of the winners

Some city employees and friends celebrated at Riverfront Park today, Sept. 6, after receiving the news they won a total of $1 million from the Texas Lottery. Lois Balka, Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Beaumont’s Community Development Division, and 39 coworkers and friends will be sharing the winnings after pooling their funds to buy what turned out to be a winning ticket. Balka said she and some others working on the second floor of the Beaumont City Hall, some workers from the Streets and Drainage Department and a few friends have been pooling their funds since April of this year to increase their chances of winning. 

“We have only been doing this since April. There are 40 of us and we got five numbers right. We won $250,000,” Balka said.  “We played the Megaplier, which made it $1 million.”

Balka said when she and her friends decided to start the lottery pool, they capped the number of participants at 40 people. Each of the 40 contributed $10 per month to play the Texas Lottery Mega Millions with drawings on Tuesday and Friday each week.

When asked what she planned to do with her share of the money, Balka replied, smiling, “Pay bills. You will be seeing me again soon, though. We intend to win on Friday too, when the jackpot is $105 million.”