Charges filed after two students hit by trailer

Charges filed after two students hit by trailer

Two Hamshire-Fannett students are in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after being struck by a truck and trailer while their school bus was dropping them off at their residence.

Around 4:12 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13, a Hamshire-Fannett School bus was stopped eastbound in the right lane of Highway 73 near Englin Road dropping two students off at their residence, a Texas Department of Public Safety press release states. The bus had its flashing lights activated and traffic was stopped. The driver of a Dodge truck towing a trailer was also eastbound and stated that he did not see the stopped school bus.  The driver, identified by police as 44-year-old Glen Luckey of Stowell, slammed on his brakes causing the vehicle to veer to the right.  Luckey lost control of his vehicle and struck both students as they stood near their driveway.  

Both minor children, a 13-year-old-girl and her 14-year-old brother, were pinned under the truck and trailer. DPS is not releasing the names of the children at this time.

Luckey was not injured, but will be charged with misdemeanor traffic violations for failure to drive in a single lane, operating an unregistered trailer and safety chain violations. Troopers are still investigating this crash and further details will be released as they become available.




How in the hell can a person not see something as big and orange as a school bus?

Charges filed after two students hit by trailer | The Examiner

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