Cigna-HealthSpring Sponsors Health Awareness Day at Dowlen Road HEB

Tanya Shie, a University of Houston pharmacy intern, checks Beaumont resident Ne

Southeast Texas seniors had an opportunity to speak with a dietician and a pharmacy team about health concerns, pick up a few healthy cooking tips and learn how to recognize healthy foods while shopping for groceries as Cigna HealthSpring and HEB partnered together to offer Health Awareness Day at the HEB Dowlen location in Beaumont on Tuesday, June 7.

“We’re helping people make healthier choices when it comes to lifestyle and how they pick healthy foods,” said Sy Salazar, director of broker sales at Cigna HealthSpring of Texas. “There is so much misinformation out there, so HEB is trying to lead people down the right path to healthy living. You’ve spent all your years working on retirement, and you don’t want it to be ruined by deteriorating health.”

This day of education and demonstration included live cooking classes with food specialists, a question-and-answer session with a pharmacy team, a nutritional store walkthrough with a dietician and a Medicare basics seminar with experts.

Seniors also had an opportunity to have their glucose level checked as well as their blood pressure taken. This is something that HEB offers the second Saturday of every month, according to HEB Houston regional pharmacy director Tim Halfin.

“We have second Saturday free screenings every month for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol,” Halfin said. “High blood pressure is known as a silent killer because it is something you may have but may not be aware of until you are screened or tested for it.”

Sixty-year-old Beaumont resident Eva Delgado got a chance to sample a healthy French toast recipe prepared by HEB Cooking Connection manager Leslie Carmona and Cooking Connection coach Wanda Flannagan.

“They said come back here and get you some food, and it was delicious,” Delgado said. “They make you feel comfortable. Everybody was really nice and courteous.”

Halfin said that HEB would continue to offer healthy foods, health education and health-related events for its customers in the future. Jay Hurt, president of the Texas Division for Cigna-HealthSpring, concurred.

“We’re excited to collaborate with community partners like HEB to bring seniors special events that encourage healthy lifestyles,” Hurt said. “At Cigna-HealthSpring, we are dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve, and we look forward to enriching the Beaumont community with more events like this.”

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