City officials reschedule hearing on transit routes

City officials reschedule hearing on transit routes

City officials are close to amending routes within Beaumont’s municipal transit system but have postponed a public hearing for the week of Oct. 30 to consider an additional route.

At Tuesday’s Oct. 16 council meeting, the Beaumont City Council was prepared to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed route changes.

According to City Manager Kyle Hayes, the route changes would not raise the operating costs of the program and will now service the Social Security office on Dishman Road as well as the HEB on Dowlen Road.

“Now the Pine route would be merged with the Magnolia route and the Laurel route would be modified to go out to the H-E-B (on Dowlen) and the Social Security office,” Hayes said. “We would rename that route the Delaware route.”

Beaumont’s bus routes have not changed since the mid ’80s, according to transit director Bill Munson. As a result, many on council, including Mike Getz, have pushed for routes that serve a broader area of Beaumont.

“Right now the bus systems don’t even offer service to vast sections of Beaumont,” Getz said. “The routes don’t make a lot of sense.”

Council will consider an additional route next week at its Oct. 23 council meeting and hold a public hearing for residents to make public comments before the council on Oct. 30.


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