City settles with Event Centre contractor

Event Centre

After more than a year of legal maneuvering and mediation, the City of Beaumont has approved a settlement with contractor C.F. Jordan and made the final payment for the city’s newest venue, the Event Centre. 

Located at 700 Crocket Street adjacent to the city’s new skate park, the Event Centre had a rough beginning. The $8 million contract was awarded to C.F. Jordan of Houston in April 2010 and construction began soon after. But when the work was finished, C.F. Jordan had gone over the time allotted in its contract with the city to complete the work. 

According to the council agenda, the original completion date for the Event Centre was May 24, 2011, which was extended to Aug. 22, 2011. However, C.F. Jordan did not substantially complete the Event Centre until May 31, 2012, some 284 days after the city-approved extension. The city’s contract with C.F. Jordan “provided for liquidated damages in the amount of $1,000 per day for a total of $284,000,” according to the council agenda. 

C.F. Jordan was not happy about the prospect of losing $284,000 in final payment and the legal wrangling began. 

“It’s finally over,” said city projects manager Brenda Beadle. 

She said had the city not stuck to its guns and enforced its contract with C.F. Jordan, the city would have made a final payment of more than $700,000 instead of the $598,968.82 the two parties eventually agreed on. 

“They wanted it in full,” Beadle said. 

In the end, both parties agreed to a number of change orders and other cosmetic changes to the Event Centre, but C.F. Jordan was only made to pay about $114,000 in penalties for not completing the job on time. 

“It’s not perfect, but I think everyone was pleased on both sides,” Beadle said. 

Now that final payment for the center has been made, the future for the facility looks bright. Beadle said city staff has been inundated with requests to book the Event Centre. 

“I believe they have it booked every weekend through mid-2015,” Beadle said. “Saturday nights are just booked, and they’re booking more and more during the week.” 

If you would like to book the Event Centre, call the city at (800) 782-3081.