'Cold Justice' revisits Vidor cold case

Kathy Page

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll told TV crews that he and his staff are renewing efforts to solve the cold case murder of Kathy Page, a young mother killed in 1991. Although the murder is a decades-old crime, Kathy’s face and the facts surrounding her death have never been far from the mind’s eye – or the eyes of motorists who travel along I-10 between Beaumont and Vidor. For years, Kathy’s father has paid for billboards to adorn the side of the highway for all to see. Even if his daughter’s murderer is never brought to justice, the fact that her killer has not been prosecuted will not be forgotten. 

The unsolved murder of Kathy Page inspired the award-winning film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” and piqued the interest of producers filming the “Cold Justice” crime drama series that airs on the Oxygen channel. In Season 5, Episode 10, of the series, featured investigators Kelly Siegler and Johnny Bonds met with witnesses, suspects, new and original detectives, and Chief Carroll to take a fresh look into the stale criminal case.

Kathy, according to an autopsy report, was strangled and left in what appeared to be a staged car accident near the home she had shared with her newly estranged husband. Friends of the murder victim tell investigators that Kathy was meeting with a new love interest that evening, and evidence suggests that husband, Steve Page, learned that his wife was moving on.  Kathy’s father firmly believes that his daughter was killed by a jealous husband – and has not minced words by saying as much on billboards that he said he started erecting just months after Kathy’s death.

“After about 6 months I seen the police department wasn’t going to do nothing,” the still-grieving father told “Cold Justice.” 

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