Commissioner Weaver talks trash

Commissioner Weaver talks trash

Special to The Examiner from the desk of Jefferson County Precinct 2 Commissioner Brent Weaver:


Mowing season is here and many times our county precinct mowers, which operate along the county roadways, are delayed by trash that has been dumped on the side of the roadway.

Jefferson County has received citizen complaints and observation by County employees that debris has been disposed of on the County Road right-of-way and/or ditch area adjacent along our county roads in the rural areas.  Illegal dumping is a big problem in Jefferson County especially along our county roads in the rural areas such as Hildebrandt, Humble Camp, Stein Hagen, Labelle and several other roads. With increasing and growing population out in our rural areas many residents complain about the illegal dumping and we report it to law enforcement and environmental control.

Illegally dumped waste ranges from a bag of trash somebody throws in a county ditch or along the county roadway to hundreds of dumped tires, refrigerators, stoves, sofas and everything in between. But, big or small, illegal dumping creates health risks, lowers property values, blocks drainage and is a burden to the taxpayers for precinct crews to clean up. Another concern is the trash and debris that is dumped along our county roadway gets into the ditches and stops our drainage flow of water during rainfall and could cause flooding to nearby neighborhoods or homes and even roadways resulting in a traffic hazard.

Because proper drainage is essential to protect the homeowners property and the property of your neighbors during time of heavy rainfall, we are asking that you help us identify the person or persons responsible for this illegal dumping of debris so that the violators may be held responsible for removal. 

If you can help us identify the responsible parties; please contact the Jefferson County Environmental Control at (409) 719-5910 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 835-8411.   If you observe someone improperly disposing of debris in the county right of way and/or ditch area please make every effort to identify the responsible person(s) by providing a license plate or other description of person or vehicle and notify one of the above listed offices.

We want to do all we can to keep your property and our roadways as safe as possible from floodwaters.