COPS in Beaumont airs this weekend

COPS in Beaumont airs this weekend


Beaumont’s finest will be on full display this weekend when a new episode of COPS airs on Spike TV. 

Beaumont’s police chief, Jimmy Singletary, said he reviewed the episode and is excited about the airing. 

“It’s really an entertaining episode,” Singletary said. “Two officers in our special assignments unit stopped a gentleman in the north end. The guy starts running and they chase him and find some marijuana. What’s really neat about this episode — and this happens a lot more than people think — that after the officers talk to this guy, he’s really not a bad guy. They got him for possession of marijuana, but the officers were just laughing with him and it was kind of a friendly trip to jail.”

Singletary said viewers get to see officers Matt Bean and Jason Schmoker do what they do best: patrol the streets of Beaumont, ready for whatever may come. 

The COPS episode features Beaumont in three 7-minute segments and will be aired on Saturday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m. on Spike TV. 

Singletary encouraged residents to tune in, saying the show puts Beaumont on the map in a positive way.

“It’s a good thing for us. I’m really proud of our officers,” Singletary said. “They’re competent and I knew they’d do well here. It’s a good PR tool and good recruiting tool. It’s a good thing, not only for the department, but for the city of Beaumont.”