Council takes stance against another game room in North End

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Beaumont City Council members took a firm stance against allowing a new game room to operate near residential neighborhoods on East Lucas.

The council voted unanimously to deny property owner Truong V. Le of DNT Plaza LLC a Specific Use Permit (SUP) that would allow a business at the strip mall located at 2916 E. Lucas in Beaumont to install and utilize 15 to 20 amusement redemption machines, commonly known as 8-liners. The area is zoned for general commercial use and multiple family dwellings (GC-MD-2). Le applied for the SUP May 25, as required by city zoning ordinances.

According to council documents, at a joint public hearing June 17, the Planning Commission recommended 6-1 to approve the request on the conditions that the business would limit the number of machines at the location to 20 and the hours of operation would be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The commission recommended the same at the council meeting July 11.

City Council members were not swayed by the recommendations, however. Ward 1 Councilwoman Virginia Jordan said she could not support the gaming room or vote to grant the SUP.

“In checking out this particular property, I think that I would have to vote against it,” Jordan told her fellow council members. “It is not a use that I think would benefit the surrounding neighborhood. There is nothing but a street separating this strip center from the neighborhoods on the south as well as the east. The strip center is nicely done. It has good businesses. There’s a nail salon. There’s a tax company. There are restaurants and a laundry – very positive things from a neighborhood perspective.

“I don’t think a gaming room is going to contribute, I think it is going to detract, and I’m not supporting it.”

Mayor Pro Tem Robin Mouton agreed, and said the game room would add to issues already beleaguering that area of the city.

“It is not going to bring positivity to the neighborhood,” Mouton asserted. “Already, there’s a lot of … lot of negative things going on in the North End of town.”

Mouton said the game room would contribute to those negative issues and would not contribute positively to the surrounding community.

Mouton made a motion to deny the SUP, seconded by Jordan. The council joined them in voting unanimously to deny the SUP.