Court coordinator fired after Facebook post

Patricia Kloefkorn (

Courthouse employee Patricia Kloefkorn was released from her position as the court coordinator for Jefferson County Judge Raquel West’s 252nd District Court once the judge learned of a Facebook post made by the staffer on her day off that was decried as offensive and crude by users of the social media platform.

“I’ve held back saying anything for fear of losing friends,” Kloefkorn wrote, beginning the Facebook post that caused her to lose her job. “I’m done with that.”

“Another shooting of police officers,” she remarked the day of the Baton Rouge police shootings, Sunday, July 17. “Out doing their job. Over BLM (Black Lives Matter) crap.

“Yes, crap.”

Then she proceeded from there to suggest that “if you have time to protest for BLM, GET A JOB.” All lives matter, she further asserted, as “B, W, A, M people shoot B, W, A, M people all the time (I see it everyday IN MY JOB.) But I don’t have time to protest because I have a job.”

It didn’t end there.

“Second of all,” she wrote, “since when did being black (interesting that it’s black, not African American) give you the right to shoot people. For no reason. Because you became judge and jury of issues you probably have no effing clue about? “If you want to shoot somebody, join the military (goes back to getting job) and shoot the terrorists that are killing Americans and French and whoever else they decide to terrorize.”

Although Jefferson County has no social media policy for employees, West fired the long-time employee Tuesday, July 19. Citing the integrity of the court as her top priority, West stated that, “Inappropriate and offensive comments made by court personnel will not be tolerated.”