Courteous drivers may get pulled over, given gift card

Courteous drivers may get pulled over, given gift card

As you drive around this holiday season, you will see patrol deputies out on the streets enforcing the traffic laws of the state. One of those deputies may stop you and you may wonder why, when you know that you did not do anything wrong. Instead of a traffic citation, you may receive a gift card

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will be handing out gift cards to courteous drivers. Terry Metreyeon, of County Home and Ranch, has donated 40 $25 gift cards to the Sheriff’s office to hand out to courteous drivers. These gift cards are a "thank you" to the citizens of Jefferson County for being kind and courteous drivers this holiday season. The gift cards will be handed out at random throughout the county by patrol deputies.

As a reminder, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage everyone to be kind and courteous while driving, not only this holiday season, but all year round.

The Sheriff’s office would like to thank Terry Metreyeon for his gracious donation back to the community.