Creighton defeats Toth for Texas Senate District 4 seat

Creighton awaiting results on election night

State Rep. Brandon Creighton of Conroe defeated fellow Republican and State Rep. Steve Toth of The Woodlands to gain the Texas Senate District 4 seat in a special runoff election Tuesday, Aug. 5.

According to election night returns from the Secretary of State’s website, Creighton received a total of 15,215 votes (67.37 percent) in District 4 to Toth’s 7,369 (32.62 percent) with 237 of 237 precincts reporting. In Jefferson County alone, Creighton received 3,080 votes (71.03 percent) to Toth’s 1,256 (28.97 percent) with 109 of 109 precincts reporting, according to results from the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office.

Overall the voter turnout for the election was low at only around 3 percent in Jefferson County with 4,381 ballots cast out of 144,426 registered voters.

“I’m proud that the voters of Southeast Texas chose me to fight for their best interests in the Texas Senate and I will represent every community in this five County Senate District with the same priority going forward,” Creighton told the Examiner following his victory.

There are several issues Creighton said need to be addressed moving forward.

“Since Sen. Williams resigned just over nine months ago, we have set out to discuss the issues most important to South Texas,” he said. “Protecting our economy, creating jobs, improving our public school system, building forward on water and transportation infrastructure, and pushing back on an ever increasing and overreaching federal government.

“Texas has big challenges ahead in the near future, and I am honored to serve Senate District four with a voice that will call it like I see it and to use backbone to say enough is enough when needed.”

Tuesday was an extra special day for Creighton, as not only did he win the election but also celebrated his 44th birthday.