Delivery driver robbed at knifepoint in Orange

Delivery driver robbed at knifepoint in Orange

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was robbed at knifepoint near midnight Sunday, Oct. 6, after the store received a call requesting delivery to the 2200 block of Cross Lane in Orange.

Orange Police Department Captain Cliff Hargrave said the male delivery driver got out of his vehicle to deliver a pizza to the address given by a caller and was approached by a man with a knife. Hargrave said the delivery driver “fought back,” and the suspect did not get away with any money or the pizza. However, he reached into the victim’s car, grabbed an MP3 player from off the dashboard, and fled the scene on-foot. Hargrave said no one has been arrested, but police have an unnamed suspect who is wanted for questioning.

Police are still investigating the incident.

OPD Captain Cliff Hargrave said delivery drivers often face dangerous circumstances when working, and one delivery driver actually invented the concealable bulletproof vest that police wear and has “saved the lives of millions of people,” according to Hargrave. He was referring to pizza delivery driver and owner Richard Davis, who founded the Second Chance body armor company in the 1970s after an incident that occurred in Chicago while he was delivering pizza. In a YouTube video featuring Davis, he said he fought off two of three armed gunman who were attempting aggravated robbery. The third assailant shot Davis. He related that while on the operating table at the hospital, he started thinking that there must be a way to protect people in similar, dangerous situations, like other delivery drivers or law enforcement officers. He started Second Chance out of his garage, and the company was the first body armor manufacturer to utilize Kevlar.