Deputies shoot wild pig in Galveston County

Deputies shoot wild pig in Galveston County

Deputies with the Galveston County Sheriff's Office shot a wild pig that the department said was causing problems for some residents.

On Dec. 6 at 11:07 a.m., Galveston County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 4400 block of 3rd Street in Bacliff, Sheriff Henry Trochesset said in a statement.

The pig was not owned by any of the residents and had been acting aggressively towards the property owner and their pets, according to Trochesset. The resident called the sheriff’s office who dispatched two officers to the scene, the on-duty patrol deputy and a livestock deputy.

While the deputies were approaching the animal, the pig charged them, striking one of the deputies in the leg. The deputy then discharged his weapon, killing the feral pig.

The deputy was checked by EMS and returned to duty.

- Galveston County Sheriff's Office