Deputy discovers massive amount of prescription drugs during traffic stop

Testosterone and Xanax
Joshua Abshire

A Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) deputy discovered more than 100 bottles of testosterone and over 300 grams of Xanax during a traffic stop March 10, reports Deputy Marcus McLellan.

According to a news release from JCSO, Deputy Brigitte Hazleton responded to a reckless driver reported to be speeding and tailgating other vehicles on Interstate 10 close to 8 p.m. on March 10. She soon caught up with the suspect vehicle and stopped the driver at mile marker 845.

Hazleton noticed the driver of the vehicle, identified by JCSO as 33-year-old Joshua Abshire, seemed extremely nervous as they were speaking and that his answers to her questions did not match what she observed in the vehicle. Based on her suspicion that there was contraband in the vehicle, she asked for consent to search, Abshire denied consent.

At that point, she requested a K-9 unit to conduct a search. A State Trooper and his K-9 arrived and conducted an open-air search around the vehicle. The K-9 gave a positive alert. Based on probable cause, a search of the vehicle was conducted and 107 bottles of testosterone, 303 grams of Xanax and a pistol were found.

Abshire was arrested for two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of unlawfully carrying a weapon. He was transported to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility, where he remained at the time of this report. His bonds total $176,000 for the three charges.