Details emerge on VISD Reed case

Chad Reed and Sondra Reed

March 27 at a school board meeting, Vidor Independent School Board trustees unanimously voted to approve the termination of Sondra Reed and resignation of Chad Reed after allegations of inappropriate conduct with students emerged in late 2013. The March 27 vote effectively ended VISD’s relationship with the Reeds. Since the approval of the measures and agreed dismissal of previously scheduled TEA hearings and related litigation against the school district, documents released as public information reveal numerous allegations against the teachers, including those previously mentioned in articles in The Examiner over the last month.

According to disclosures within court documents pertaining to Sondra Reed’s now-canceled TEA hearing appealing her termination, VISD alleged Reed committed numerous infractions leading to her dismissal. The allegations are summarized as follows:

• Sondra Reed provided an eighth-grade male student who was living with her but unrelated to her, referred to as “John Doe” in court documents, with alcohol, and then “continually and repeatedly sexually molested John Doe while he was residing at the Reed home” constituting “sexual abuse of a minor.” She is further accused of performing sexual acts on John Doe in the presence of another minor student.

• Sondra Reed procured and served alcohol to minor students (eight and ninth graders) on repeated occasions during 2012 and 2013.

• On or about Nov. 29, 2013, Sondra Reed provided minor students alcoholic beverages, leading to images of some of the children consuming “Tooters Appletini” test tube shots containing vodka and leading to some of the minors becoming ill after consuming the alcohol. “All of the children were enrolled as ninth graders in the Vidor Independent School District at the time of this event,” according to court documents.

• Sondra Reed engaged in “the continuous sexual assault of a minor … beginning when (name redacted) was 16 years of age including but not limited to sending pornographic images of herself by text message to (name redacted)…, engaging in pornographic communications with (name redacted) such as describing herself masturbating via text, … taking (name redacted) … to various locations in the Vidor area for the purpose of performing oral sex, sexual touching and sexual intercourse … while he was a minor and student enrolled in Vidor High School.”

• During the summer of 2013, Sondra Reed “sexually assaulted an 18-year-old recent graduate of Vidor High School by wrapping her legs around the boy in a swimming pool and grabbing his genitals with her hands without the boy’s consent,” an action VISD asserts “represents a pattern of sexually aggressive conduct on the part of (Sondra Reed) towards male students of Vidor ISD.”

According to the VISD responses to a request for disclosure presented to the TEA hearing examiner and the Reeds’ attorneys Richard Arnett and Corey Tanner of Brim, Arnett, Robinett, Conners, P.C. of Austin, “these are not the only victims of (Sondra Reed’s) predatory behavior. Vidor ISD is on notice that individuals who have given statements in this and the ongoing criminal investigation have been subject to harassment and retaliation by the Reeds and individuals acting on behalf of the Reeds; it is anticipated that other victims have refrained from coming forward in order to avoid similar harassment and retaliation.”

In addition to the outline of accusations against Sondra Reed, the disclosure statements also list summaries of witness statements from current and former VISD students and parents who allege misconduct by the former elementary school teacher and potential witnesses. A total of seven former and current VISD students are believed by the district to have had sexual relations with Sondra Reed.

Chad Reed is also listed as a potential witness in the disclosures pertaining to Sondra Reed’s case. VISD is accusing Chad Reed of having knowledge of Sondra Reed’s “inappropriate relationships with current and former students.”

The disclosures by VISD read, “Mr. Reed has been complicit in Mrs. Reed’s sexual abuse and sexual assault of students; the sexual abuse of John Doe; the sexual abuse and parental neglect of (name redacted), a student of Vidor High School, and has consented or contributed to the provision of alcohol to minors in his home. Mr. Reed is on notice that Respondent (Sondra Reed) is a sexual predator, and has taken no action to report sexual abuse by Mrs. Reed or otherwise protect other minors from falling victim to her continued acts of predation.”

VISD’s “first amended statement of facts in support of suspension without pay and proposed termination” says Chad Reed “was aware, or through the exercise of reasonable diligence should have been aware, that Sondra Reed was continuously and repeatedly sexually molesting John Doe while he was residing in the Reed home” and he “failed to take any action to protect John Doe from abuse or neglect, or to report that abuse and neglect when it was discovered to appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

The document goes on to accuse Chad Reed of failing “to intervene to prevent the distribution of alcohol to minors in his home.” Along with Sondra Reed, Chad Reed is also accused of providing the Tooter’s Appletinis to students on or about Nov. 29, 2013, and, according to VISD, he is pictured in the photos of students consuming the test tube shots.

VISD further alleges that Chad Reed witnessed “an act of sexual intercourse between Sondra Reed” and a former student “who has now reached the age of majority” and with whom Sondra Reed is accused of engaging in “the continuous sexual assault of a minor” from 2008 to 2012. VISD also accuses Chad Reed of witnessing Sondra Reed’s alleged aggressive behavior in the summer of 2013 toward the 18-year-old recent Vidor High School graduate who said she wrapped her legs around him and touched his genitals without his consent.

“This assault occurred in plain view of (Chad Reed),” according to the first amended statement of facts provided by VISD.

Although VISD’s relationship with the Reeds has come to an end, the legal saga continues as the couple faces potential criminal litigation and TEA accreditation hearings loom in the future. Updates pending.