Devastated Rose City in critical need of assistance

Every home in Rose City except two sustained damage during the catastrophic flooding that Hurricane Harvey brought to Southeast Texas, and, while other cities begin the rebuilding process, the small town is still literally trying to pick up the pieces and sift through the rubble they once called home.

Mayor Bonnie Stephenson said her city and its residents are in dire need of assistance.

“The city was devastated,” Stephenson said, “but, we’re coming back. These people have lost everything, and they need help.”

Stephenson said the power has been restored in the city, though many people are still running on generators, which the city hopes to provide.

“We have a few generators, and we are checking them out to people,” said Stephenson. “But we only have a few.”

In addition to needing more generators, the mayor said Rose City also needs economical items to allow residents to prepare meals and purchase items lost to the flooding.

“One thing we need is hot plates or crock pots,” Stephenson explained. “We have power but no water. We have food but nothing to cook it on.”

Coffee pots are another coveted item being requested by returning residents. Stephenson suggested gift cards would be practical donations Rose City residents could utilize to purchase necessities and to replace ruined items.

Stephenson said the city has a distribution center set up, but she needs more volunteers to staff it and would like to get more help mucking out homes.

“We’re looking for people on the ground to help,” she asserted. “That’s the main thing we’re looking for.”

She said generous donors have provided plenty bottled water, food, clothing, diapers, and the city got an ice machine to the distribution center Wednesday, Sept. 27. But, they still need towels and linens, in addition to other assistance.

“People are out here doing what they can on their own,” Stephenson said, commending her city’s inhabitants for their can-do attitudes. “I haven’t had one person scream or yell at me about their circumstances. People have questions, and they have been very respectful.”

To donate or volunteer, call Stephenson at (409) 658-7392, or stop by the distribution center at city hall, 370 Rose City Dr.