Domestic dispute turns violent in Orange

Domestic dispute turns violent in Orange

A woman in Orange was arrested after a report of a domestic dispute at the Fox Run apartments. The woman reportedly claimed her boyfriend had beaten her, but officers soon discovered it was quite the opposite, according to a report from the Orange Police Department.

On Sunday, Aug. 3 at approximately 2:50 a.m., OPD Officer Byrun Perry was dispatched to 2600 Allie Payne Rd., the Fox Run Apartments, in reference to an aggravated assault. He reports he arrived five minutes later and saw a woman wearing a pink muscle shirt and denim shorts "behaving erratically," with what appeared to the officer to be dried blood down both arms and on her shins. The woman verbally identified herself as 42-year-old Roxanne Caldwell of Orange. According to Officer Perry, Caldwell told him her boyfriend had assaulted her.

Officer Perry reports he observed no lacerations when examining Caldwell, and in fact saw nothing that would be indicative of the large amount of dried blood covering the woman's arms and legs. He left Caldwell with other officers who had arrived on the scene and proceeded to the apartment from where the initial call had originated.

Upon reaching the apartment, Perry reports he was greeted by a man wearing only a bath towel who was "bleeding heavily" from what appeared to the officer to be puncture wounds on both biceps. The man reportedly told Officer Perry that he fell asleep in the living room of the apartment he shares with Caldwell, and when he decided to go to bed at about 2:30 a.m., Caldwell was already in the bedroom. The man said she began to yell at him "for an unknown reason," and he believed her to be under the influence of the prescription drug Klonopin from previous experiences with Caldwell, Perry reports. The bleeding man told the officer Caldwell uses the drug regularly.

After the verbal attack, the victim told Officer Perry, Caldwell began hitting him with an alarm clock she had retrieved from a nearby dresser. She then allegedly threw the clock onto the floor and grabbed a pair of scissors from a vanity in the bedroom. According to the victim, she then stabbed him in the left index finger, and he jumped from the bed and began backing out of the room into the apartment hallway. The man told Officer Perry that Caldwell pursued him, stabbing him once in the lower left bicep and again in the lower right bicep. The victim said Caldwell continued to behave violently, knocking down a china hutch in the dining area and throwing other items from the residence on the floor. He told Perry that is when he ran.

Clothed only in a towel, the bleeding man raced to a neighbor's apartment, told the female resident he had been stabbed and asked for help. The resident called 9-1-1. As responders were en route, the witness reported to Perry, Caldwell again gave chase to her victim, attempting to further assault him. The witness told Officer Perry that is when police began to arrive, and Caldwell ended her pursuit, meeting up with officers in the parking lot area of the complex.

Officer Perry reports that he then went to the apartment where the gruesome assault had allegedly occurred. According to Perry, a copious amount of blood decorated the residence.

"I observed large amounts of blood through the living and dining room areas as well as the foyer area," Perry reports. "Some of the blood appeared to be quite fresh whereas other blood spatter appeared to have been setting for some time, and appeared to be dried."

He was unable to locate the scissors at the time, but the investigation is ongoing, says OPD.

Caldwell was arrested for aggravated assault and taken to the Orange County Jail. According to a database search, Caldwell has a violent history. She was previously arrested and subsequently convicted on assault charges in 2000.