Double murder, suicide at McFaddin Beach

Gino Maybit Jr.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies found two men and one woman dead Sunday, June 30, after what appears to be a double murder and suicide at McFaddin Beach.

Deputies responded to several 911 calls in reference to a shooting in progress at around 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon. When deputies arrived on the scene, they found three individuals had been shot, including the shooter. The victims were a man and woman; the shooter was a male adult. According to police, the shooter had a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators later identified the victims as Lauren Michelle Brack, 31, of Groves, and Regino "Gino" Antonio Maybit Jr., 30, of Groves. Police have identified the shooter who took his own life as Eric Omar Barragan, 32, of Bridge City. According to Sheriff Deputy Rod Carroll, Brack was a mother of two children who were with her at the beach where she was shot.

"It was in a crowded area of the beach," Carroll said. "There were a lot of families down there at the beach. The woman victim had her two children down there. I am not sure if they witnessed (the murder). They were pretty traumatized yesterday when we were there. We are going to be visiting with them today (July 1)."

In a press release, Carroll said the shooting likely originated from the termination of a relationship between Brack and Barragan. He said Brack had moved on and had found a new lover. 

"It appears that Maybit and Brack were currently in a relationship," he said in the press release. 


-Clay Thorp contributed to this report. 



seen the whole thing, and

seen the whole thing, and most of the things people been saying on the news wasnt true etc. the girls didn't see it they was in the water. they seen the bodies until I covered them up. I put the girls in the white ford and the two boys in the red chevy

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