DSHS: High toxin levels in Sam Rayburn, Neches River fish

DSHS fish consumption advisory chart

The Texas Department of State Health Services has issued a fish consumption advisory for portions of the Neches River Basin, including Sam Rayburn Reservoir and B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir. The advisory covers six species of fish caught between the State Highway 7 bridge west of Lufkin downstream to the U.S. Highway 96 bridge near Evadale and both reservoirs. It was issued after laboratory testing of fish samples found elevated levels of mercury and dioxins.

DSHS recommends children under 12 and women who are nursing, pregnant or who may become pregnant avoid eating the affected species because the nervous systems of unborn and young children are particularly susceptible to the health effects of toxins. Previous advisories for the Neches River area based on high mercury levels had recommended children limit consumption of particular fish. Recent testing prompted DSHS to recommend children under 12 not eat the affected fish at all.

Elevated levels of mercury and dioxins in fish do not pose a health risk for people swimming or participating in other water recreation activities.




I know it has been said that Sam Rayburn is not for the sportsman by the Corps of engineers. But the amount of money that is made from fishing tournaments alone should have something to do with keeping the quality of the water safe not to mention the recreation that a lot of people do on this lake.The quality of the waste water from other plants are monitored and kept to high standards why not the plants dumping into Rayburn. I spent thirty years in the U.S.Coast Guard and part of it had to do with the pollution in industry being blunt WHO IS GETTING PAID OFF. This is a crime that should be punished. I have a camp on the lake and hoped to enjoy my retirement there but as usual the little man gets the short end of the stick. Sorry for venting but the powers that be need to get off their sets and out in the heat and in the street and fix it.

I agree, why has not

I agree, why has not something been done asbout this ? I work for a ship repair facility where enviromental rule restrict us from de-ballasting vessels of sea water from the vessel back into the very water it was drawn from, so how can they turn thier backs on such pollution being discharged into our waterways from these facilities. The pictures I have seen of the "Paper Mill Creek" is pathetic, I have also a camp on the lake, looking forward to a retirement, but worst of all I have Grandchildren of which I would like to see raised properly (bring a child fishing)but if our youth can not perticipate in such activities as fishing, they will have more time to get involved in wrong doings. Can't stores, restaraunts etc. get together and start some type of patition to inforce the laws of which the Government has issued, to force the mill to obide by the law, or, sence there is a problem, knowing the source make adjustments to correct the problem. They have no problem doing this in other incidents, such as eliminating drilling licenses due to an oil spill. Recently we have been informed that all vessels by 2016, must have an Antie- Foulant coating below the waterline to reduce chances of marine growth being transported from different areas. They are inforcing the possible transporting of the "special vegetation" from lake to lake as well as the "giant mussel". If someone is preparing a patition please let me know I will certainly, and proudly put my name on it and will notify many many contacts who will be more than glad to sign it.

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