Early morning accident near Downtown Beaumont

Early morning accident near Downtown Beaumont

A tractor trailer traveling on Interstate 10 was severely damaged in accident, according to Beaumont police officers at the scene of the incident that occurred near the Downtown exit from Interstate 10 going into Beaumont at approximately 2:45 a.m.

The driver was unhurt, but reportedly told police he was driving on the interstate and struck a road sign. One officer said they are still investigating and do not yet know where the big rig collided with the road sign on the highway.

At this time, the Downtown Beaumont exit remains open, and police are directing traffic around the 18-wheeler. However, an officer at the scene at about 3:05 a.m. said the truck was hauling cargo that contains what could be deemed "hazardous materials" as evidenced by warning decals on the trailer. The officer said in many cases the materials are not dangerous, but HAZMAT crews could be called to identify and potentially clean up any unsafe materials. The officer indicated if the cargo must be unloaded where the tractor trailer is currently parked, the downtown exit from Interstate 10 would have to be closed.

Beaumont Fire Department also responded to the accident and were assisting at the accident site.