El Paso ISD appointee speaking in Beaumont

El Paso ISD appointee speaking in Beaumont

The Rotary of Beaumont is anticipating the arrival of the El Paso Independent School District Board of Managers president, who will be in Southeast Texas to share what the experience of state takeover will be like for the Beaumont Independent School District.

According to the Rotary announcement, “In light of recent developments within the Beaumont Independent School District, the TEA (Texas Education Agency) appointed head of another embattled school district will share his experiences with the process of being part of a school district board of managers.”

Dee Margo, President of the El Paso ISD Board of Managers, will speak to the Beaumont Rotary Club on Wednesday, April 30, at Beaumont’s MCM Eleganté Hotel. The session will begin at 11:30 a.m. with a luncheon and remarks at noon. Margo’s topic will be  "What Can We Learn from the El Paso ISD Board of Managers' Experience?"



Can hardly wait!

This is great news! So many won't be able to atten and need to know what this person has to say. We've heard all the negative from those opposed, but none of the positive. The positive is that in the long run, their district will be restored, run effectively and will produce an environment that is actually conducive to learning. No one said this would be easy.

Though there are many different factors contributing to the take overs in each districts, it will be nice to hear how it's playing out for all the citizens, employees, and students in their district.

I think it's important for those opposed to the takeover to hear a different perspective, too. However, I don't look for it to change their minds. They want to keep power the same in the district for ignoble reasons ... to retain power and try to save face. I think saving face is the largest motivator ... unless it's fear of going to jail. Whatevah!

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