Elementary school encourages "Acts of Kindness" from students

Elementary school encourages "Acts of Kindness" from students

Teachers and staff at Charlton-Pollard Elementary School in Beaumont are encouraging their students to perform "Acts of Kindness" and then recognizing the good deeds of their young charges.

According to Counselor Earline Mitchell at the school, “At Charlton-Pollard Elementary School, we know that one small thoughtful gesture can make someone else’s day. Kindness is contagious and we want to pass it around. We are teaching our students that their greatness is measured by their kindness.”

Mitchell said teachers at the school nominate students. They were asked to fill out an “Act of Kindness” form, which includes the student’s name, grade, date, and description of the act. The students have their photos taken, and the photos with descriptions of the good deeds are hung on the “Acts of Kindness” bulletin board near the cafeteria at the school. The children who are recognized receive a pizza party. Reverend J.D. Roberts attended the event recognizing the students.

Recent honorees include Francisco Arellano, 2nd grade, who constructed a straw barrier for a teacher after another student broke the double-walled glass in her classroom. Jayla Perez, 5th grade, gave money to younger students at her school who had no money to purchase items from the school’s gift store. Timothy Hightower, 3rd grade, helped a friend find his lost coat. Shaila Murphy, 4th grade, held a door open for a mother with a baby carriage on a cold day. Armahni Guillory, 5th grade, spoke out as a leader to help control gossip and other forms of bullying on the bus. Maria Compean, 5th grade, was recognized for translating for another student in her class and aiding her teacher. Ashley Lopez, also in 5th grade, assists in the computer lab and helps kindergarten students with computers every morning.

Mitchell said these acts of kindness should not be overlooked. In a society where gun violence and bullying in schools has become almost common and saturated the media, she said she believes students who are creating positive change and who are doing what they can to show compassion and empathy to others should be honored for their deeds. And that is just what they are doing at Charlton-Pollard Elementary.