Embezzlement: business owner reports theft to police


A business owner in Orange is accusing two employees of theft after his investigation revealed the duo was embezzling funds by splitting tickets at the restaurant and bar, he reported to police June 1.

According to a police report from the Orange Police Department, Michael LeMoine, the owner of Spanky's Restaurant in Orange, told Officer Tim Pruitt that he believed two employees hired at about the same time in October 2015 had stolen more than $368 by splitting tickets. He explained to the officer that the fraud is committed by a person removing an item from a ticket and placing it on a separate ticket, like on another employee's ticket. The ticket is closed out, likely voided, and the employee pockets the cash, thereby stealing from the restaurant. 

LeMoine provided police with evidence he collected while doing his own investigation. He said he does wish to press charges against the two employees. Police are looking into it, and no arrests have been made at this time.