Entergy warning customers of scam

Entergy warning customers of scam

It may be the summer, but scammers aren’t taking a vacation. Scammers target everyone - individuals, businesses, non-profits and even places of worship. Recently, Entergy Texas reported it has received calls of customers being targeted.      

There are some variations to the scam, but the basic premise stays the same. The scammer usually calls a customer with a spoofed number, often looking legitimate, then tells the customer they have an hour to pay or they will be cut off. They ask the customer to give a credit card number right then, buy a prepaid gift card or even transfer funds electronically.

It’s important to remember that Entergy NEVER demands immediate payment from customers over the phone or shows up at your door demanding money on the spot. You shouldn't give your personal information to strangers. If a call sounds suspicious, hang-up and call (800) ENTERGY (368-3749) to speak directly with an Entergy customer service representative.

What to do if you suspect a scam

  • If the suspected scammer is present and you feel you are in immediate danger, call 911 as soon as possible.
  • Contact Entergy by calling (800) ENTERGY to speak with a company customer service representative.
  • Inform your bank or financial institution, who may then direct you to other protective measures.