Episcopal foundation buys bus passes for MHMR center clients

The Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) has awarded Spindletop Center $10,000 to provide bus passes for low income consumers who receive services on the center’s Beaumont south campus.

The center will use the funds to purchase monthly and daily passes that will be distributed to its clients who depend on the Beaumont Municipal Transit bus service for their transportation. The funds are essential for those who want to participate in their ongoing mental health or substance abuse treatment and to complete their other important medical and personal business appointments.

“Thanks to the generous funding from the EHF, Spindletop Center can now provide a very important service to our consumers,” said Spindletop Center Community Support Program Director Robin Meek. “All too often, the lack of transportation creates a barrier for our consumers who want to improve their health and maintain a positive quality of life. With these wonderful bus passes, our Center can eliminate this obstacle and help our consumers achieve long term recovery.”

Each year, Spindletop Center serves approximately 7,000 consumers with mental illness, substance abuse, intellectual developmental disabilities, or early childhood development delays. For more information, call (409) 839-1000, or visit www.stmhmr.org.