Evading officers, public intoxication - suspected PCP users arrested in Orange

Jakendrick Clevenger

Even after numerous public intoxication arrests of suspected phencyclidine users in Orange, the steady trend of the deadly drug's use within the city shows no signs of slowing. Police officers with the Orange Police Department made three arrests of suspected PCP users in two separate incidents over the course of two days, Oct. 23 and Oct. 24, according to incident reports.

OPD Officer Stephen Ward reports he was dispatched to the area of 16th Street and Park Avenue in reference to a man wearing a maroon short and long shorts walking in the middle of the roadway at about 3:39 p.m. on Oct. 23. When the officer got to the area, he located a suspect matching the description given by the caller reporting the crime. According to Ward's report, the man identified himself as 23-year-old Jakendrick Clevenger of Port Arthur.

Ward reports that he immediately detected the strong and distinct odor of PCP "emitting from Clevenger's breath and person." Ward also reportedly observed Clevenger's eyes were "red and glassy," his balance unsteady, and his speech "slurred to the point that he had to repeat himself several times" for the officer to understand what he was trying to say. Clevenger was arrested for public intoxication, the most common charge PCP users of Orange face according to police. He was then transported to the Orange County Jail.

A database search of Clevenger's criminal history revealed the young arrestee has quite a long rap sheet in spite of his modest years. He has been arrested multiple times for charges including possession of marijuana at least twice, felony possession of a controlled substance, failure to identify and criminal trespass. According to the database, Clevenger was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, PCP, on Aug 13, 2012. He pleaded guilty on the majority of charges described and spent time in state jail in Huntsville.

Ward faced an even more precarious situation involving another suspected PCP user the day following Clevenger's arrest. On Oct. 24 at about 3:38 p.m., the officer heard Orange County Sheriff Keith Merritt's call for assistance related to a suspect fleeing from the scene of a traffic accident at Highway 87 and 3247 in Orange. According to Ward's report, Merritt stated over the police radio that he was in pursuit of the red, four-door Chevrolet passenger car that left he accident scene. Ward drove to the area to assist and reportedly found Merritt with the suspect already in hand restraints in the 5400 block of Highway 87. The driver reportedly identified himself as 25-year-old Kennon Broussard of Orange. Ward detected the odor of PCP on Broussard who, stated the officer, displayed slurred speech and was so unsteady on his feet that he had to be assisted when walking. Broussard was arrested for driving while intoxicated, evading in a motor vehicle and for causing an accident involving damage to a vehicle.

Johntavis Broussard, 29, of Orange, was the passenger inside Kennon Broussard's red Chevy. Ward made contact with the passenger and observed that his balance was unsteady, his speech slurred and his eyes red and glassy, just like the driver's. Broussard was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Orange County Jail.

A database search for Kennon Broussard's criminal history came up clear, but his passenger's past is more questionable. Johntavis Broussard has been arrested and pleaded guilty of possession of marijuana, one arrest in Orange in 2006 and one arrest in Vidor in 2008. More recently, Broussard was arrested on Dec, 29, 2013 for a warrant pertaining to an outstanding fine for not having the proper safety equipment on his bicycle.

More interesting than the warrant arrest is the company Broussard was keeping at the time. He was arrested in that instance while hanging out with Elroy Chavis, aka Elroy "Killer" Chavis, a "frequent flyer" mentioned in multiple articles in The Examiner, one who has been arrested for public intoxication for suspected PCP use numerous times and who was also arrested for breaking into an Orange drugstore after gaining entry through the ceiling and then getting stuck inside ending in his capture by police, OPD reports.

OPD Captain Cliff Hargrave said in an interview that PCP is not encountered as often as crack cocaine, marijuana and, more recently, methamphetamine, but is a drug that "has kind of always been around," but that appears more frequently in "spurts." He suspects that is because the drug is manufactured in labs. Batches would then be shipped out and would likely cause PCP distribution and use to spike after a shipment is received. Other officers have speculated that the drug comes out of "super labs" in California and then delivered to and distributed from Houston, the drug hub of Texas.