Fake bake: Police arrest man allegedly high on synthetic marijuana

Jonathan Watson

Police in Vidor arrested a local man for public intoxication after reportedly finding him lying on the ground covered in vomit outside a convenience store Sept. 5, reports Officer Joseph Snider of the Vidor Police Department (VPD).

According to Snider, he responded to Star Stop #2 at 100 West Freeway in Vidor at 12:20 a.m. in reference to an apparently intoxicated subject lying on the ground at the store and upon his arrival observed 26-year-old Jonathan Wayne Watson on the east side of the building. Snider stated in his report that Watson appeared to have vomited on himself and on the ground next to him, and that Watson admitted he'd smoke "fake bake," or synthetic marijuana, earlier in the evening. 

"Jonathan said he did not remember how he got to the Star Stop #2 convenience store," Snider reported. 

Snider described Watson as displaying red, glassy eyes, and having trouble standing, walking and answering simple questions. Snider arrested Watson for public intoxication, noting the suspect posed a potential danger to himself and others. Snider took Watson to the hospital for medical clearance before transporting him the Orange County Jail. 

According to the police report, Watson works as a nurse at Vidor Health & Rehab Center.