Fake money leads to real trouble


A woman who reportedly passed fake money at McDonald's in Vidor found herself in real trouble after an officer reportedly discovered methamphetamine and more counterfeit currency inside her purse on June 13.

Vidor Police Department Officer Eric Meineke reported being dispatched to McDonald's on Main Street in Vidor after midnight, at 12:39 a.m., in reference to a customer passing a counterfeit bill at the drive-thru. When he arrived, he questioned the woman trying to pay with the faux dough and identified her as 45-year-old Tiffany Michelle Cleckley. 

Cleckley told the officer she did not know the cash was counterfeit, but a quick look at the bill she passed was all it took for Meineke to see it was movie money, labeled "Only For Motion Pictures" on the front and reading "The Fast Prop Money In What We Trust" on the back. A consensual search of the vehicle turned up another fake, a $100 bill missing the watermark and security strip that identify real U.S. currency. Meineke also found something else during his search: a crystalline substance that tested positive for meth. During a subsequent search at the booking office, three more containers of suspected meth were discovered inside Cleckley's purse. The combined weight of the meth was approximately 3.45 grams.

Cleckley was arrested for possession of a controlled susbtance and taken to the Orange County Jail. Police kept he counterfeit currency and suspected drugs as evidence.