Family dog rescued from house fire

Beaumont Fire-Rescue photos

Ginger, a 3- to 4-year-old pit bull, is in high spirits after being rescued by Beaumont Fire-Rescue from a house fire and revived.

According to a statement, on Monday, June 26, Beaumont Fire-Rescue responded to multiple calls of a house on fire in the 1300 block of Evalon. Fire department crews arrived within three minutes of the first 911 call.

When they arrived, the crews were met with bystanders saying there were four children inside. The engine crews entered the house to search and rescue. During the search, the crews located the family dog. The dog was passed to outside crews while the interior crews continued to search for the children. Beaumont Fire and Beaumont EMS worked to revive the dog, who appeared to be suffering from smoke exposure. Additional ambulances were sent to the scene due the report of trapped persons. A few minutes later the homeowner was located and confirmed that no one was inside the home. The fire was extinguished a short time later.

The home received heavy fire and smoke damage throughout. The cause of the fire was overtaxed electrical equipment. Ginger is resting at the Dowlen Road Veterinary Clinic.