Federal Courthouse floods

Beaumont Fire Rescue outside of the Federal Courthouse

Water poured down the fire-truck lined streets the morning of Friday, July 27, as the day began with a stir for the Jack Brooks Federal Courthouse in Beaumont. 

“Early this morning we got a call that there was some maintenance going on here at the courthouse. Just a little while later we received a call asking for some assistance, because (there was) a busted water main, the fire department connection, the fire line,” said District Fire Chief Scott Wheat. “So we sent some units over. We have a large line on Willow approximately 16 inches that feeds, I believe, a 6-inch feed to the Federal Courthouse. So there’s a lot of flow coming from that feed which is pushing a lot of water into the basement of the federal courthouse.”

With water filling the basement, Beaumont Fire Rescue rushed to the scene. 

“Our units got here as fast as they can to assist in shutting all of the utilities down and keeping the water from damaging or destroying anything inside the basement,” continued Wheat. “They were successful; they shut everything down and they started immediately pumping water out of the basement.”

Wheat said that the operation has been successful and that the draining of the basement is almost over.

“Right now we got most of the water out; (there is) very little that is still remaining, we have the utilities shut off to include the electrical so we can determine that no water has crept up inside the walls and any circuits including the communication terminals or anything like that,” said Wheat. “So this is where we are at, we’re here assisting, the sprinkler company is here to determine what they need to do, water utilities are here as assistance as well and the Federal Courthouse folks are doing what they need to do.”