Fire department responds to natural gas leak on E. Circuit

A crew working on the sewer line struck a 2-inch natural gas line.

Workers and residents in Beaumont's West End were stopped cold after a work crew hit a gas main on E. Circuit Drive late Tuesday afternoon. 

The sound of the gas spewing from the break could be heard down the street and at least one resident was evacuated. 

According to a BPD press release, at about 2:50 p.m., Beaumont Fire and Rescue were dispatched to the leak at 198 E. Circuit Drive. A crew working on a city sewer line hit a two-inch gas main, but Beaumont's breezy afternoon helped to dissipate any danger of explosion. 

Jennifer Phelan was on her way back to her E. Circuit Drive home when she came across a police road block preventing her from going any further. 

"I guess I'll just keep running errands," she said. 

Phelan said she was glad police were blocking the surrounding roads. 

"Better safe than sorry," she said. 

By 5:21, however, the mess was fixed. Crews repaired the leak and police allowed residents back into their home.