Flood victim robbed, kidnapped in Winnie

Flood victim robbed, kidnapped in Winnie

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne reported that on Sept. 21, just after midnight, law enforcement agencies were notified of an aggravated robbery that had taken place at a hotel in Winnie. The victim advised that he and his family were staying at the hotel after his home flooded from Tropical Storm Imelda.

The victim stated that while in the parking lot of the hotel, a man later identified as Jorden Tyler Meadows, displayed a firearm and attempted to steal the victim's vehicle. Meadows wound not let the victim leave after realizing the vehicle would not start. He threatened the victim and held him against his will, forcing him to assist in stealing a second vehicle. 

While walking towards a separate parking lot, the victim, fearing for his lfie, ran toward a group of witnesses standing outside the hotel. Law enforcement patrolling nearby respoded immediately and quickly apprehended Meadows.

He was charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping - first degree felonies - and burglary of a vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor.