Forgery: police find forged checks, numerous social security cards during investigation

Heather Lynn Singletary

Police in Vidor have made multiple arrests for forgery recently. William Grubbs, 45, of Orange was arrested Feb. 6 and faces a multitude of charges related to his alleged part in a mail theft and counterfeiting ring as previously reported in The Examiner, but prior to his detainment officers with the Vidor Police Department (VPD) arrested a female suspect they say was in possession of forged checks, multiple bank account and routing numbers and several social security cards.

According to a police report from VPD, officers arrested Heather Lynn Singletary, 31, of Orange, on two counts of forgery after she allegedly attempted to cash multiple bad checks at a local convenience store. The police report detailing her arrest indicates that Officer Edward Spera responded to a Citgo store on West Freeway in reference to a woman trying to pass forged checks close to noon on Feb. 2. The clerk who reported the bad checks told Spera that Singletary had attempted to cash bad checks before, using the same account information. 

Spera questioned Singletary who told him she and her grandmother had a cleaning business, and that her grandmother had given her the check to cash for payment for their services. Spera contacted the account holder who told him the same thing the clerk did. She said she had been notified by her bank that Singletary had tried to cash more that one check using the real account holder's information. The victim said she had not had her offices cleaned and did not know Singletary.Spera arrested Singletary, and then discovered she was in possession of yet another check listing her as the payee from the same victim's account. Spera said Singletary also had bank account and routing numbers, along with several social security cards that did not belong to her. She was taken to the Orange County Jail for the two counts of forgery. 

A criminal database search revealed Singletary has prior convictions for theft, possession of marijuana and prostitution. 

Local law enforcement has expressed concern over the recent instances of forgery, mail theft and identity theft. Officers from multiple local agencies have already identified several suspects they believe have been involved in mail theft and counterfeiting rings, according to reports from the Vidor Police Department, the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the Orange Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. They are warning the public to check their mail regularly and to be on the lookout for false charges on their bank account and credit cards statements, and cautioning businesses to be on the alert for forged checks.