Former BISD worker's felony theft case dismissed

Former BISD worker's felony theft case dismissed

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed a case against former BISD warehouse supervisor Daryl Johnson, who was fired in May 2012 under suspicion of theft and subsequently indicted on two counts of felony theft. The indictment alleged Johnson stole approximately $280,000.

According to Examiner archives, BISD released a statement regarding the theft May 25, 2012. Then-BISD spokesman Craig Eichhorn told media at the time that then-superintendent Carrol Thomas had informed school board trustees of an employee’s dismissal and the surrounding circumstances.

“Thomas told school board trustees today that it appears the fired employee had designed a scheme to pay two persons for work who did not work for BISD. In essence, it appears that the persons were paid wages for work not done,” Eichhorn stated in the district’s official news release May 25, 2012. “The district’s police department is conducting a detailed investigation and expects to turn over all information to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office as quickly as possible.”

Assistant District Attorney Luke Nichols confirmed the case was dismissed Monday, July 7.

According to District Attorney Cory Crenshaw, that does not necessarily mean the case is dead. He explained that, pertaining to Task Force prosecutions, “As we discussed when the Task Force was first announced, one benefit of a team approach is to identify which cases are best for federal prosecution and which cases are best for state prosecution so that resources are not duplicated. There may even be cases that result in dual prosecutions. I anticipate that in the coming months, you will see charges being filed both federally and at the state level after the task force has made that determination.”