Former CASA director indicted for felony theft

Nikki Jones

Former Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of the Sabine Neches Region executive director Elena Nicole “Nikki” Jones was indicted by a grand jury in Orange County on felony theft charges Oct. 12 related to more than $10,000 in unauthorized credit card charges she is alleged to have made under the nonprofit’s name.

Sources close to the case estimated the amount charged to the nonprofit actually topped $40,000 for cash at casinos and a cruise, among other items. When CASA discovered the theft, the organization quickly fired Jones, the executive director at the time. She was replaced by Michelle Jones, no relation.

In July, Orange Police Department Capt. Robert Enmon told The Examiner the detective working on the case was close to completing the investigation and presenting the file to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for possible indictment and prosecution. Last week, a grand jury indicted Jones for felony theft. Judge Dennis Powell set her bond at $25,000. There is now a warrant for her arrest issued Thursday, Oct. 12. As of press time, Jones had not yet been arrested and was still at-large.

CASA of the Sabine Neches Region discovered tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorized credit card charges made in the non-profit’s name for someone else’s profit, and the organization fired Jones, who had already stopped showing up to work upon being questioned about finances.

According to them, CASA was expecting a financial report from Jones on Jan. 10. They didn’t get it, so they contacted her. When she finally responded Jan. 13, she gave them what appeared to be the requested documentation. However, upon closer inspection, they found serious discrepancies.

So CASA ordered bank statements that led to the discovery of a CASA credit card account with a $2,000 limit that was being paid out of their funds, out of donations. A look at the charges on credit card statements revealed a horrible truth – someone inside CASA was stealing.