Former judge wants to see criminal evidence against him

Layne Walker

 A judge accused of felonious acts while sitting on the bench is requesting through his legal counsel that they be afforded a chance to review what evidence was used by the state’s prosecutor to secure an indictment alleging criminal wrongdoing.

Although nothing has changed in the case in months, in July, attorneys representing former Jefferson County 252nd District Court Judge William Ralph “Layne” Walker asked the court to allow the defense to review evidence such as grand jury testimony offered in support of the allegations against the previously elected official.

Walker is accused of utilizing county employees and equipment for personal gain. Specifically, Walker is charged with “abuse of official capacity.” According to the indictment alleging the abuse, Walker is charged with, during the time he was in office (October 18, 2005, through Jan. 6, 2014), benefitting personally from government property and personnel a value between $1,500 and $20,000. Among the property and personnel improperly utilized, according to the indictment: “a computer, a printer, Ann Landry, Kim Carter, Tiffany DeCuir, (and) Debbie Usoff.”

However, according to affirmations made in Walker’s July presentation to the court, at least one of the employees mentioned in the indictment fervently denies all criminal assertions.

Ann Landry, a former charge of Judge Walker, maintains she never performed personal work for Walker while on the county’s dime, according to the Walker filing.

In total, attorney Dan Cogdell filed three motions for release of evidence on July 19 on Walker’s behalf. The attorney and his client are seeking the prosecution’s witness list, indictments handed up against Walker with the witness names for each, and testimony from the February 2015 grand jury presentation where any Walker indictment would have stemmed.