Former Rose City secretary indicted on charges of theft by public servant

Veronica Lynn Grant

Former Rose City city secretary Veronica Lynn Grant, aka Veronica Jarrell Grant, mysteriously fired in August 2012, was arrested May 16 on charges of theft by a public servant. A felony capias warrant served on Grant was the result of an indictment submitted to the Orange County grand jury May 8 implicating her in the Rose City city government misappropriation of funds investigation that was being pursued by the Texas Rangers shortly after Grant was dismissed from her position with Rose City last year.

“She was arrested in Jefferson County,” said Orange County District Attorney John Kimbrough. “She had been indicted for a felony theft, a theft by a public servant. If you steal, and the property you take comes into your possession by reason of your position as a public servant, a public employee, then that penalty is enhanced. That is what she’s charged with.”

Speculation and secrecy surrounded Grant’s dismissal from the city of Rose City. According to Rose City Mayor David Bush in an October 2012 interview, Grant was terminated Aug. 17, 2012, after approximately 18 years of service. Bush said Grant’s termination was approved in the following regular City Council meeting Sept. 13.

According to the May 8 indictment, “Veronica Lynn Grant … on or about June 15, 2011, and before the presentment of this indictment … did then and there unlawfully appropriate, by acquiring or otherwise exercising control over, property, to-wit: money, of the value of $100,000 or more but less than $200,000, from David Bush, the owner thereof … and the defendant was then and there a public servant, namely, City Secretary of the city of Rose City, Texas, as such property appropriated by the defendant had theretofore come into her custody, possession or control by virtue of her status as such a public servant.” While Bush is listed as “owner” of the money stolen, funds purportedly came from the city.

Kimbrough said details were evidentiary and could not be released, but residents allege Grant absconded with cash payments made for city utility services.

Texas Rangers took Grant, who currently resides in Port Neches, into custody May 16 and transported her to the Jefferson County Jail. She was released later that day on $10,000 bond. According to Kimbrough, due to the amount of the theft and the fact that Grant is charged with abusing her position as a public servant, she faces first-degree felony charges and could be sentenced to between five and 10 years of incarceration or 10 years probation if convicted.