Four incumbents outsted in PA City Council; Runoffs remain

Four incumbents outsted in PA City Council; Runoffs remain

Despite an otherwise tepid voter turnout, especially on election day, the citizens who did cast their vote at the ballot box ousted four incumbents Saturday night, with the suprise of the evening coming from District 1, where Jack Chatman was unseated by Raymond Scott, 507-336.

In District 2, Liz Segler held on to her seat by a comfortable 57-vote margin, outlasting Cal Jones 287-230.

In District 3, Mayor Pro-Tem Morris Albright III had no problem dispatching former Port Arthur Mayor Oscar Ortiz, tallying 704 votes to Ortiz's 206.

The first runoff of the night came from District 4, the most contested of the races, with four candidates vying for the spot. Incumbent Martin Flood actually received the fewest votes of anyone, registering only 208, while Harold Doucet and Warren Field will go to a runoff July 2nd. Doucet finished with 441 votes while Field finished with 305. Michelle "Robertson" Dorsey tallied 233.

In perhaps the most contentious race of the election, Position 7, which featured a political newbie and the youngest candidate in the field, Derrick Freeman, against the incumbent D. Kay Wise and longtime Port Arthur politician Willie "Bae" Lewis; Freeman positioned himself for a runoff against Lewis by racking up 1216 votes to Lewis' 1192. Wise was close behind with 1103. The Position 7 runoff will take place July 2nd as well.

And finally, in Position 8, Tom Henderson's reign is over as EDC President Kerry "Twin" Thomas will switch seats and take over as Position 8 Councilman after he amassed 1765 votes to Henderson's 1327. Judy Holton finished with 357.

On the Port Arthur Board of Trustee side, two seats were open and to no surprise, Thomas Kinlaw III easily lapped the rest of the field and secured one spot with his 2158 votes while Kenneth Lofton, the lone incumbent in the race, finished second with 1412 and will hold on to his spot. James Monroe and Julie Samuels finished third and fourth 985 and 741 votes respectively.

According to city officials, the new council members will be sworn in May 24th, and those holding seats in the runoff will maintain those seats until the runoff is completed. There is some uncertainty as to who will be the Mayor Pro-Tem because it is supposed to come from District 4 after the swearing in. But with no representative from District 4 decided until July, it's possible the Mayor Pro-Tem position could go to District 5, currently held by John Beard.