Fraud: Orange police investigate suspected insurance fraud

Fraud: Orange police investigate suspected insurance fraud

Police in Orange are investigating a case of suspected insurance fraud following a single-car accident that appeared to have resulted in injuries to the parties involved, all of whom were paid by insurance, reports the Orange Police Department (OPD).

OPD Officer James Roy met with the two passengers who said they had been involved in an accident Aug. 20. They both admitted receiving checks from State Farm for hospital bills from injuries they said were suffered in the crash. When they received the checks though, they say, they turned them over to the driver to pay their hospital bills. Then, they received bills from the facility stating they had never paid.

According to Roy, “The victims gave a different story from what was reported at the crash.”

Captain Robert Enmon said the pair came into the station to report the theft of the checks, and when the officer started questioning them about the incident, the pieces just didn’t fit with the original crash report. Eventually, Enmon reports, it came out that the driver had intentionally run into a guardrail – then backed up and did it again – rather than being run off the road as initially reported.

Both parties provided police with written statements, and the case is currently under investigation for insurance fraud and making a false report to a police officer. Enmon said police would contact the insurance company’s fraud division after speaking to the driver.