Free lecture promises to reveal sea floor

Free lecture promises to reveal sea floor

From Lamar University  -The Lamar University Scientific Research Society will host Rikk Kvitek, professor in the Division of Science and Environmental Policy, California State University Monterey Bay, in a free public lecture on Wednesday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m. in the Richard Price Auditorium, John Gray Center, Building.

Scientists explain that we know more about distant planets than we do about the seafloor. Through novel applications of cutting edge technology, scientists can now visualize submarine canyons, underwater seamounts and ridges, and even a kelp forest teeming with marine life. Kvitek specializes in bringing seafloor habitats to life with high resolution remote sensing and 3D visualization. The State of California has undertaken a cutting-edge project to make this possible by mapping the seafloor of all the state's waters.

Kvitek directs the university’s Seafloor Mapping Lab and also teaches and directs the program’s geospatial technology curriculum, including classes in GIS, GPS, and acoustic remote sensing.  His research involves numerous undergraduate students in high-resolution mapping of west coast benthic habitats and communities critical to resource management issues. In his lecture, Kvitek will show the first images created from this effort and share how this new information is being used.



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