Free legal advice for vets

Free legal advice for vets

In commemoration of Veterans Day, the Jefferson County Bar Association (JCBA) will hold the second annual Free Legal Advice Clinic for area veterans on Saturday, Nov. 12, 8:30 a.m. – noon at Lamar University’s Montagne Center Cardinal Club Room located at 4400 S. MLK Pkwy. in Beaumont.  Appointments are strongly encouraged by calling the bar office at (409) 835-8647 prior to Wednesday, Nov. 9, but walk-ins will be welcomed if time permits.


Volunteer attorneys will provide legal advice on issues such as family law, wills and probate, consumer issues, landlord/tenant law, tax issues, bankruptcy, employment, foreclosures, and veterans’ benefits and disability claims. Other legal issues may apply.  The clinic is open to any southeast Texas veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran free of charge.  Veterans who need further legal representation and meet the eligibility requirements may be assigned to a volunteer attorney who will take the case on a pro bono basis. 



GI bill BAH Used for child support?


I am going though a divorce at the moment. My ex-wife is still active duty and makes about a thousand more than me a month. I already pay 586 dollars a month for one of my children's day care and she pays 504 for the other. This was the only form of child support she asked for in our divorce because she was trying to rush though it for a reason I'm sure you can guess. Now she's realizing that she can't live the same way she used to and is hiting me up for another 500 in child support. after that and rent i have about 300 dollars left. Which obviously isn't enough for california. If i am forced to pay this much I was wondering if when i get my BAH for my GI bill whether they can use that to calculate support too. I get my kids every weekend and the only reason i didnt fight for custody during the week is because They love their current day care and i didnt want to change more of their lives than i had to. I want to pay support and make my chidrens life better but i still have other bills i have to pay for to.

driving license

After leaving Korea,,bad marriage, yes my husband had a drinking problem.(I was Not His wife) aracial issue ran us out of NC. The state of Virginia found out what happen to us, and gave my husband his license. In 25 years he has not had a drink. a perfect driving record in Virginia. we moved to Delaware. we found out that he had 3 dui instead of two. now we are about to lose our house, his job , after a perfect working, and the DMV in NC is saying , we dont know what is going on. we cant help you. what is a vet to do?

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