Frequent flyer: police pick up convicted prostitute for carrying a firearm

Frequent flyer: police pick up convicted prostitute for carrying a firearm

Police in Orange arrested a convicted felon in possession of a firearm July 11, Officer Stephen Ward of the Orange Police Department reported Monday. Ward picked up Euraina Carol White, 46, of Orange, after allegedly finding a gun in her bag. The arrest marks her fourth in Orange since May 2014, and, in spite of her nickname, this frequent flyer of the Orange County Jail is no "Angel," according to police reports and a criminal database search. 

Ward reports that he was dispatched to I-10 eastbound near Simmons Drive in reference to a woman in a red dress trying to flag down traffic, "soliciting," shortly after midnight on July 11. When he got to the location he saw White, who he recognized immediately from past encounters, standing on the Simmons Drive on-ramp near I-10. As the officer exited his patrol vehicle, he reports that he saw White enter the passenger side of a white Dodge pickup truck driven by an unknown male. The officer approached the vehicle and White initially told him the man was her adopted uncle there to give her a ride to the casino. The officer asked the pickup truck driver White's name, and he replied, "Angel," her known pseudonym. Ward knew they were lying about knowing each other, and he proceeded to question the pair. As he questioned the pickup truck driver, Ward reports, White began talking loudly over the man, saying over and over they had known each other for years. Ward asked the man to step away from the truck and questioned him individually, at which point the man admitted he did not know White but had merely stopped to offer her a ride to the casino, his purported destination. When Ward offered the man a bit of White's criminal history, the man apparently decided he would be better offer riding alone. Ward told the man to get back into his truck while the officer questioned White. 

Ward spoke to White and reportedly told her he knew she was lying, asking her to come clean. She said the man had picked her up and offered her a ride to the casino.

Ward was suspicious of White, a woman with whom OPD is quite familiar, so he asked to search the black backpack slung over her shoulder. White consented. During the search, Ward found a small semi-automatic RG-26 .25 caliber handgun secreted away in a green zippered pouch. The gun had a bullet in the magazine and another live round in the chamber. White was also carrying 36 rounds of ammunition in the pouch, according to Ward. The officer asked White if she had a concealed handgun permit for the firearm, and she said she did not know it was required. A call to dispatch confirmed White had a felony conviction on her record from 1995 for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Ward arrested her for possessing the gun as a felon, a third-degree felony. 

It's no wonder Ward recognized White as she has been arrested in Orange on so many different occasions. She was arrested twice in May 2014 for multiple warrants including driving without a license and disregarding a red light. On May 12, 2014, she was picked up on four warrants after being caught in the roadway flagging down traffic as she was in the most recent incident ending in her arrest. Nov. 3, 2014, she was again allegedly walking along I-10 flagging down passersby, reportedly using a flashlight in this instance. Ward was the arresting officer in that incident as well, and he took her to jail for possession of drug paraphernalia then after discovering a silver socket with Brillo stuffed inside, a device apparently being used as a crack pipe, according to the experienced law enforcer. 

A criminal database search returned 18 pages of history for White, the first few pages listing numerous aliases and alternate dates of birth that White has used or may use. The database also revealed, besides the state jail felony conviction in 1995 stemming from the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle mentioned by Ward, White has been convicted for prostitution multiple times and has been convicted of criminal trespass. She spent time in state jail and received substance abuse punishment, but she can't seem to stay out of trouble, or out of jail, for long.