Frequent flyer: police in Vidor arrest resident for making false report

Steven Gary Upshaw

Police in Vidor arrested a resident there for making a false report of a crime Jan. 15. Steven Gary Upshaw, 53, of Vidor has been arrested multiple times in the city for various charges, primarily involving numerous harassing calls to the Vidor Police Department. In spite of enhanced charges for every instance of harassment on file at VPD, police reports demonstrate Upshaw always seems to get out of jail and be right back at it again in a short time.

In Upshaw’s most recent arrest, police report they responded to his home at about 8:40 p.m. in reference to a call during which he told dispatchers he had shot someone trying to crawl through his window. According to the police report, VPD Officers Ethan Mansfield and Jesse Loredo found no evidence of either a shooting or a break-in at the residence, but noticed Upshaw exhibiting signs of intoxication.

“Upshaw was acting irate and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance,” Mansfield reported. The suspect also threatened the officers, allegedly telling Officer Loredo he would kill Loredo by putting a “hydro shock through his head.”

As the officers attempted to gain control of Upshaw, the man was uncooperative. According to Mansfield, Upshaw would go limp, basically becoming dead weight, and then would kick at the officers. Eventually they were able to place him into custody. He was arrested for making a false report to 911 and for retaliation against the responding officers, and taken to the Orange County Jail.

The visit was not Upshaw’s first visit to the facility. VPD records indicate the man has been arrested in the city at least eight times before this since Oct. 17, 2013. On that date, Upshaw was in trouble for making harassing calls to VPD, using profanity, calling the dispatcher vulgar names and making racial slurs. Officers arrested a “very intoxicated” Upshaw and took him to jail at that time.

He has been arrested for harassment, public intoxication and even for a family disturbance during which he reportedly bound his wife’s wrists and ankles with duct tape and threatened her with a .357 revolver. That was Jan. 5, 2014. His wife refused treatment and the charges were ultimately dropped.

In September 2014, Upshaw was arrested for reportedly calling police 16 times within four hours, making lewd remarks to the dispatcher and using profanity. The next month he was arrested for the same charge, and the officer making that report noted Upshaw had a conviction for harassment from May, 14, 2014, for calls to Jasper County.

According to a criminal database search, Upshaw’s long criminal history dates as far back as 1978 when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was convicted on that charge the following year and received six months probation.