Frequent flyer: repeat offender slings slurs, spews profanity

David Nehemiah Diaz, disorderly conduct

Police in Orange arrested 34-year-old David Nehemiah Diaz for disorderly conduct on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, after Diaz reportedly shouted profanity and slung racial slurs at passersby and security personnel outside of a local grocery store.

Officers with the Orange Police Department recognized Diaz on sight as they are quite familiar with this "frequent flyer" of the Orange County Correctional Facility. The incident was Diaz's third arrest for disorderly conduct since March 2014, in addition to two public intoxication charges he received during the same period, and a criminal database search revealed the repeat offender has a long history of run-ins with local law enforcement.

Officer Michael Roush reported that he was working the night shift Christmas Eve when he observed Diaz standing near the front of Kroger located at 1600 16th Street at about 8:30 p.m., the second time he had encountered Diaz that evening. Earlier, the officer stated, he had seen Diaz shouting at passersby in the 1300 block of Orange Avenue. Roush said he offered Diaz a ride home, but the man refused. Roush said officers had "dealt with Diaz several times throughout the day shift and night shift due to his erratic behavior and being called into dispatch as a suspicious person."

Outside the grocery store, Roush said Diaz was shouting profanity at customers walking past him, so a security officer told him to leave the property. He refused. Instead, according to the security officer, he became even more belligerent, threatening to come back and kill "everyone." The guard flagged down Roush, and as he approached he could reportedly hear Diaz shouting profanity and racial slurs in the very public parking lot of the store. Roush immediately placed Diaz into custody for disorderly conduct. 

When running Diaz through the police database, Roush discovered the suspect's three prior convictions for disorderly conduct, enhancing the current charge to a Class B misdemeanor. He was taken to Orange County Jail, a familiar destination for the habitual criminal.

A background of Diaz through a database search revealed he has numerous prior convictions in Orange County besides those previously mentioned. In 1999, he was convicted of burglary of a habitation and burglary of a building in Orange. He got probation but also had to attend a correctional boot camp for those infractions. In 2001, according to the database, he pleaded guilty of evading arrest in 2000; in 2002, he pleaded guilty to a 2001 assault and for evading arrest. 

If convicted of his most recent disorderly conduct charge, Diaz faces 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000.