Galveston County deputies save woman jumping from overpass

Galveston County deputies save woman jumping from overpass

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On Thursday, August 17, at about 9:20 p.m., deputies were flagged down by several frantic citizens. They reported seeing a woman on the Hwy 646 over pass, she appeared to be ready to jump from the overpass into the traffic below, Major Douglas Hudson said in a release. 

The overpass goes across I-45 in the Dickinson and League City area.

Deputies responded with emergency equipment activated and arrived on location within a minute.

When Deputies Fred Boas and Daniel Banda arrived, they found a female dangling over the side of a overpass. She was holding on to the railing with both hands. While another officer already on scene drew her attention towards him, Deputy Boas was approaching from the opposite direction.

As soon as Deputy Boas was within the reach of the female, Deputy Banda ran to her aid as well. Deputy Boas wasable to grab her torso just as she was letting go of the railing. Assisted by Deputy Banda, and other officers on scene, she was pulled back over the railing to safety. She was transported by E.M.S. to UTMB Victory Lakes for treatment.

By their heroic efforts, deputies were able to save this young person’s life.

- Galveston County Sheriff's Office