Game show filmed in Beaumont premieres Oct. 20

Game show filmed in Beaumont premieres Oct. 20

Southeast Texas’ first game show is set to premiere on Fox 4. After months of preparation and taping, “Family Knows Best” will begin airing Saturday, Oct. 20, at noon, and every Saturday thereafter. Twenty local families will compete on the new show over the course of 10 weeks for prizes from area businesses.

In each episode, two families play three rounds for a chance to advance to the Family Tree bonus round, where one family will play for the grand prize: a luxurious weekend family getaway. But the families who make it that far will have no doubt earned it.

“We have a round called The Bucket List,” explains host and executive producer Josh Yawn. “Kids are asked questions that have multiple answers in a list. For each correct answer, they get to take a scoop of disgusting goop and pour it in a bucket on top of their parent’s head. After a certain amount builds up inside, a trap door controlled by weight opens up and the goop comes down on the parent. The audience went nuts every single time. It was a mess.”

The show was taped on campus at Lamar University. Contestants were from Beaumont, Nederland, Lumberton, Orange, Vidor, Sour Lake, Winnie, and Fred.