George Scott Report on BISD

George Scott Report on BISD

Correction appended.

 “Concerned Citizens for Quality Education” is inviting the community to hear “an unbiased breakdown on what our children are really receiving with a (Beaumont ISD) education” from George Scott of George Scott Reports on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m. in the jury impaneling room of the Jefferson County Courthouse, 1001 Pearl St. in Beaumont.

According to information from the hosting organization, Scott is coming to Beaumont to speak to concerned parents and teachers to present facts relating to children’s present education and post-graduate future. Scott, whose Web site at offers analysis and commentary on public policy, is reputed by CCQE to have been “dedicated to interpreting the truthful facts for municipalities and school districts for over two decades.”

In addition, Scott has also served as an accountability advisor for the Texas Education Agency.

“There are three great victims of what has become of the tragic disintegration of public education: the students, the teachers and the taxpayers,” Scott said.

Stephen Watson of the Concerned Citizens group said Scott is not charging any fee for his presentation, and is only coming to town as a labor of love for the success of Texas’ student population.

“He’s not coming here to eviscerate BISD or exonerate anyone,” Watson said. “He’s only going to be here to give the facts.”

— Staff reports

CORRECTION: A version of this story printed Sept. 12, 2013, included an incorrect date. We regret the error.



Too Late for Me BISD has Harassed me Out of a Job

BISD and their storm trooper police department has already harassed me out of a job. I wish that Mr. Scott and the TEA could have helped me out when I needed help.

Scott or anyone else is free to contact me at this email address if they want the whole story.

George Scott Report on BISD | The Examiner

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George Scott Report on BISD | The Examiner

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